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About us

Today in India we find so many talented professionals in all fields who have come from great institutes which are situated in only specific areas. When comes to cosmetology you don’t find one institute where you can get all courses and expert lectures in one place. The birth of AICAT has come up with the idea of getting together all these resources at one institute.

Here we present the AICAT for the first time in India a specialized institute for cosmetology situated in Pune, that came up with the idea of integrating AIRA with AICAT aiming at providing education and particle knowledge hand by hand at a time. We are proud to say that you will get all related courses for cosmetology, and you will be trained not by lectures or teachers they are professors with decades of experience in their pocket, who will convert professionals into experts.

India is called an innovation lab, but you don’t find an institute providing all courses of cosmetology under one roof. This idea brought AICAT into existence and provided courses like aesthetics, cosmetology, trichology, Dental, laser treatments etc. Our institute’s goal is not for just students to perceive the course and leave with a certificate at last, we train every professional till he/she becomes an expert even after completion of the course.

It’s a place where all expertise comes in for not only treating a particular person; they also train the professionals with their expertise and ideas. So, we don’t say this as an institute rather than we feel the honour to say it is a knowledge transforming environment.

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