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What is all about the course?

Leading endodontists created the “Fellowship in Endodontics” course for dental professionals like you who want to learn more about endodontics procedures like root canal treatment.

The most common presenting complaint in dentistry is tooth pain. The most common cause of tooth pain is deep carious lesions. As a result, endodontic treatment is the most performed procedure in dental offices. A root canal procedure can make or break a patient’s confidence in you as a dentist. As a result, all dental practitioners must have a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of endodontics.

Because of the wide range of root canal morphologies seen in both maxillary and mandibular teeth, clinical procedural errors are common. Endodontic procedures are technique-dependent, and a lack of clinical expertise can result in a variety of problems. But here’s the thing: if the diagnosis and treatment planning is done correctly, most root canal treatments can be completed with minimal complications.

Course Details

  • Classification and Clinical Characteristics, Diagnostic Aids, Endodontic Microbiology, Endodontic Rationale, Case Selection
  • Cavity Preparation, Cleaning & Shaping, and Obturation Introduction
  • Advances in the Management of Traumatic Injuries and Endo-Perio Lesions
  • Regenerative Endodontics Procedures and Advancements

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