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What is all about the course?

Implantology is a burgeoning branch of dentistry that has seen exponential growth in recent years. We are delighted to present the most comprehensive and holistic curriculum available, which covers all aspects of the subject.

This course covers both basic and advanced procedures to meet the needs of young and experienced dentists who have little or no experience with implants. Implant systems and their variations, Science of Implantology, Hands-on pre-clinical training on Styrofoam jaw models, and other topics are included in the curriculum.

We also offer implant placement on patients under the supervision of an expert. In fact, each fellowship participant should implant at least six times on different patients before receiving the prosthesis.

Live demonstrations of Sinus Lifting, Ridge Grafting, Ridge Splitting, Socket Preservation Technique, and Immediate Implant Placement in anterior and posterior teeth are included in the Advanced Implantology Course. Each participant will place implants in a variety of challenging cases during the training. Learn the intricacies of Osseo densification using Densah (Versah) burs and gain practical experience in implant placement with Densah burs. Each participant will be given a 3D guide template to use when placing angulated implants, as well as the requirement to observe 10 or more cases from their peers.

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