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What is all about the course?

An increasing number of patients who are concerned about their genital appearance are searching for more information for well-trained gynaecologists, who can offer genital cosmetic solutions. In the Aesthetic gynaecology field, there are procedures designed to change aesthetics or any aspects associated with congenital abnormalities in women’s genital changes.

This course is having more scope of opportunities for a gynaecologist because we find few gynaecologists who have the required skills and experience to provide such services. In the cosmetic gynaecology study, include multiple surgical treatments, such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, clitoral hymenoplasty, labia majora augmentation, and G-spot amplification, etc.

PG diploma Aesthetic Gynecology, AICAT is a premier professional organization and educational body for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Gynecology. Our academy is led by professionals in the field with unbeatable knowledge on the topic is presenting breakthrough research and surgical techniques that promote innovations.

Aesthetic Gynecology Certificate Course


Overview of Aesthetic Gynecology Course

PG Diploma in Aesthetic Gynecology (CAG) is one of the slowly evolving procedures in recent times. This area takes a special interest in not only the cosmetic procedures to improve the vulvovaginal region’s aesthetic appearance but also functional vaginal repairs that improve or restore sexual functions following changes that may have occurred after childbirth or with aging. This fellowship includes non-surgical curricula as well as live in-patient demonstrations using the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment.

The program is led and tutored by eminent national and international experts and key opinion leaders in the field, attracting participants from all over the world. The CAG course offered by AICAT Academy majorly specifies a detailed elucidation of the female genitalia, layers, skin functions, etc.

The trainers walk you through the vaginal rejuvenation processes from a surgical and non-surgical approach to help you understand and comprehend better. Post-pregnancy vaginal concerns, including stretching, urinary incontinence like pelvic floor expression, sexual functions, and changes in appearance, are also extensively explained. You will also be educated about the various treatment options such as labia majora & minora (Grade 1-3), vaginismus, botox injections, chemical peels, etc. AICAT Academy provides the best CAG course in India with quality training methods and expert assistance.     

Course NamePG Diploma in Aesthetic Gynaecology
Course Duration5 Days
Mode of trainingOffline & Online

PG Diploma in Aesthetic Gynaecology course includes

  • History & statistics 
  • Consultation & patient selection 
  • Patient pain & anxiety 
  • The 0-shot (vaginal rejuvenation with PRP)
  • G-spot augmentation 
  • Non-invasive laser therapy for vaginal health
  • Treatment using micro-injections of carbon dioxide to increase vascularization by carboxytherapy  
  • Use of radiofrequency to improve the elasticity and function of the internal  vagina by Thermiva
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) in vaginal rejuvenation 
  • Botox treatments for vaginismus 
  • Intimate bleaching depigmentation of the vulvar area
  • Laser vaginal rejuvenation for vaginal laxity and vaginal atrophy with Co2  laser. 
  • Techniques to market these practices into your practice. 
  • LED, Microneedling, conditioning, and peeling in the vulvovaginal area.
  • Mesotherapy in procedures.

PG Diploma in Aesthetic Gynaecology aims to

  • Define, spread, and explain the different surgical and nonsurgical procedures and their applications, including the adequate selection of patients.
  • Understanding the female sexual functions, dysfunctions, orgasmic dysfunctions, and similarly related conditions. 
  • Familiarizing with the nonsurgical options for vaginal rejuvenation with a better understanding of the differences between various energy-based devices, especially radiofrequency and lasers; use of fillers & Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) in the vulvo-vaginal region. 
  • To promote the scientific validation of cosmetic and functional aesthetic vaginal procedures. 
  • Promote women’s sexual health and sexual function through studies, courses, and grants. 
  • Complete knowledge of patient selection and pre/post procedure carenonsurgicalical cosmetic gynecology. 
  • Awareness of the marketing tools available to improve your practice visibility and volume. 

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